Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh HEY remember me?

So, so much to write. There's been some kitchen magic of late, now that I'm actually semi-settled and all of my possessions are under one roof for the first time since college. Much to be caught up on (upon?). 

After three weeks of unapologetic wedding bliss and food indulgence, I'm tightening the belt (literally) for the next couple of weeks. Lighter food options, ditching the sugar and grains, and generally keeping things on the straight and narrow. Case in point, white potatoes. Totally bland unless they're loaded with spices or cheese and butter, eating them always makes me feel totally heavy and stuffed. Plus, scientifically speaking, they're not all that great for ya.

"While it’s common knowledge that carbs from refined sources like sugar-filled processed foods and sodas are a poor source of both nutrition and energy, the common “complex carb” substitutes – whole-grains, rice, white potatoes and beans – also have plenty of issues. These issues range from anti-nutrient content, phytates, lectins, and glycoalkaloids – all of which block effective digestion, absorption and nutrient utilization. Beyond that, these Neolithic foods have suboptimal nutrient content when compared to carb-dense vegetable sources."
Source: My homie CaveGirl over at Steve's Original             

Tonight's light, nutrient rich awesomeness is a delicious substitute for boring old mashed potatoes. We'll call it...

or, Meghan needs to get back into the pun-ny food name flow

1 head of cauliflower
raw, pastured butter*
2-3 slices bacon, crispy
salt and pepper to taste

Cut cauliflower into manageable pieces and steam til very well done.
Put steamed cauliflower, butter to taste, bacon, salt & pepper in food processor. Process until smooth.

This took about 20 minutes from start to finish, including steaming time.
*I imagine this would be good with all sorts of fats. Bacon fat? EVOO and fresh rosemary instead of bacon? Coconut oil and curry powder for an Indian theme? Yummmm.

I'm embarrassed to say that I ate all of this too quickly to take any pictures.

But HERE'S a picture everyone will love. HEY HUSBAND!!

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  1. Can I jump on your bandwagon?

    PS. That picture is BEAUTIFUL.

    PPS. I haven't seen you since the picture was taken.


    ...PPPPS. Write more. I miss it.