Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frozen Blueberries and other addictive things.

I will forever give Erin full credit for introducing me to the wonder that is frozen blueberries. I honestly can't believe that I never had them before last summer. They are so good with heavy cream, just as good (and dairy free) with full fat coconut milk, and apparently, reaaaaaally good by themselves. I buy them by the three pound bag in the freezer aisle at Giant, and fully intend to get scads of fresh, local ones this summer as soon as they are in season and start freezing those to last me through the year. So, yes, I'm eating a ridiculous amount right now. I've been eating them all winter but they give me that summery feeling, and when the weather is nice and warmish for the first time in months I'm allowing myself to indulge. Yum.

Other indulgey-but-not-bad-for-me things I've been doing lately:

KALE CHIPS. There are a couple of recipes for these floating around and I think I got the basis for it from Melicious, but I finally got around to trying them a week or so ago and holy hell are they good. The best part is that it takes about 10 minutes to prepare, 15 minutes to cook and then (and I am not kidding one iota) you can literally eat an entire head (bunch? bouquet?) of kale in one sitting and not feel one little teeny hint of guilt about it. No, they are not "Paleo potato chips," okay? But they are crispy and salty and GOOD.

Step 1: Buy kale, should be around 99 cents/pound and available at any grocery store worth its salt. Gold star if it's local and organic.
Step 2: Rinse kale. DRY thoroughly with paper towels.
Step 3: Use kitchen shears or your hands to tear off leafs from tough ribs. Discard ribs. Spread leaves out on a cookie sheet. Pat dry with a paper towel once more with feeling.
Step 4: Drizzle with olive oil. I use about 1 tbsp for each 3rd of the pan.
Step 5: Pop in 400 degree oven for 12-15 minutes depending on your desired amount of crispiness. In my oven, 14 minutes is perfect and gives me burnt edges and a nice toasty flavor. In Angel's oven, 14 minutes is too much as we discovered the other night.
Step 6: Sprinkle everything with sea salt. Add spices as desired. Chili powder is good. I've got lots more to try.
Step 7: Inhale.

A few other things we've gleefully enjoyed lately:

Stealing leftover coffee from work.

Wild caught sea scallops, pan seared in a little butter and adobo seasoning. Was pleasantly surprised to find wild caught sea scallops at Acme.

Medjool dates. I get a few of these at the store and eat them while I shop.

Coconut butter (and coconut oil and coconut milk). My appreciation for coconut products has increased a bazillion-fold lately. Coconut butter is available on Amazon for about $16/jar. Pricey but I can stretch one out for a month. It's so delicious, I think it's worth the price. Also learned at the Whole 9 Nutrition Seminar that coconut-derived products contain a special kind of fatty acids that signal your cells to release nutrients (I THINK, I need to check my notes).

And finally, pastured free range chicken eggs from Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal FOR THE WIN. Delicious breakfast, every morning. Again, how was I ever a vegan?


  1. Love the pic of you at the oven. And hello, my name is Melissa Joulwan, and I'm a frozen blueberry addict, too.

  2. Gorgeous per usual.

    Adore stolen coffee hero shot - a la 80s Robin Hood or something?

    Aaaaand - I'm glad you posted about the kale chips. I know they're good - had never tried them tho! There's a company at Fairfood Farmstand that makes them with Tahini... hint hint.

  3. yeah i need to try the kale chips this week.. i tried the nori chips a few times but i can't get them right..

  4. It's just a natural pose. I didn't notice it until Meghan took a picture :)